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Are you stuck in an itch-scratch-itch cycle that goes on and on forever? The more you itch, the more you will scratch. And the more you scratch, the more you itch.

As a result, you suffer from constant deep stinging painful sensations of skin that is raw, red and inflammed.

The intensity of your itch probably gets worse at night. If you manage to sleep at all, you awake to find blood stains on your bedsheets after a night of assault on your skin the night before.

Because of all that itching and scratching, your skin now looks wrinkled and dry at some parts and weepy with pus at others. Obviously, you feel tired miserable, deeply depressed and terribly self conscious about your appearance. You may even have the awful experience of having people avoiding you as if you have got some contagious disease. It is natural to feel as if your life is condemned due to having an eczema condition.

The problem is that it is hard to stop yourself from scratching. Anything can set off and worsen your condition. Stress, dust mites, food, humidity and irritating fabrics to name a few. You end up in a frenzy scratching your body, unable to control yourself.

What can possibly worsen is that you now become more prone to getting an infection due to having open wounds. Viral, bacteria or fungal infections can cause your itch levels to reach astronomical heights. At this point, you’ve never looked more terrible. And your pain and desperation for an effective solution increases.

You would by now, have been using steroids to help you ease the inflammations and irritations. You may have… Read more…

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