Extraordinary mobile plugin for WordPress - WordPress mobile - mobile pluginClick Image To Visit SiteControls with easy functions for fonts, colors, logos, images and more which will provide you an easy interface to label WPmob Pro’s look.

It is extremely easy to enable or disable an array of display selections for things like names, author, tags, categories and many more. You just decide what should be shown and what should not.

You can add ritual configuration in your themes very easily with WPmob pro Developer License. So if you need to make theme for someone or for a client then you may customize the backend exactly like the front-end to your heart’s content.

Web Application mode delivers a local application like familiarity on IOS devices. It is presented in standalone mode without Safari wrapped around it whenever visitors bookmark your site.

Web Application Mode uses advanced JavaScript and HTML5 technologies to distribute your website content.

Select your home screen loading image, icon and more and then make an enormous Web Application for your IOS guests in minutes.

Creating new mobile themes and variations of existing mobile themes is easier than ever in WPmob Pro. Create a child theme to start customizing in the admin panel in a single click.

Child or teen themes conserve updates to the parent theme. This means whenever we add new features to our themes they automatically will be added in your teen theme.

Substitute what you want to put back, change or whatever you need to modify. Child themes will let you to control over images, styling, and template files, without having any difficulties with an outdated theme.

In WPmob Pro you don’t need to negotiate on things like viewing different pages and parts of your website.

Add your Adsense related credentials and select where the ads are going to be displayed. You have now… Read more…

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