FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012: The Top 100 Paleo and Primal Recipes of 2012Click Image To Visit SiteThe Top Paleo & Primal Recipes Shared With FastPaleo in 2012 A $40 Value—Today Only $14.97!

With nearly 2,500 recipes on FastPaleo, it’s pretty tough to pick the absolute best ones. We’ve taken the time to sort through all of them from 2012. Guess what we found? We found what we believe to be some of the greatest paleo recipes out there. We made the format nice and pretty, and made them available to you in one easily accessible eCookbook. All of the recipes you’ll find in this book and the four mini-eCookbooks are top notch, easy to understand and easy to recreate. They are all made of high-quality ingredients, and of course they are all tried and true, not only by their creators, but by many other paleo fans out there.

"The most important thing when implementing any nutrition strategy is sustainability. When we feel deprived of our favorite foods we are tempted to go back to our old unhealthy ways of eating. This is why I love FastPaleo. With a 2,500 collaborative recipe database, which mind you is growing daily, anyone who wants to make healthy eating a permanent lifestyle change, has all the tools necessary. There is no shortage of culinary creativity and with the right combination of healthy ingredients, it is possible to still eat your favorite foods, like pizza, enchiladas, wings, pancakes, even sweets and treats, like cookies and cake, without guilt. FastPaleo Top 100 along with the four mini e-cookbooks is the fast track to the best recipes found on FastPaleo. It is a must have, whether you are an e-book junkie, a real food junkie or just starting on this real food journey." Vanessa Romero Healthy Living How To

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