Father Daughter Relationship eWorkbook - Shari Jonas - Improve relationships, find love, build self confidence & self esteemClick Image To Visit SiteThe Father Daughter Effects eBook: A groundbreaking workbook, that helps women of all ages understand how the relationship with their father has influenced who they are and who they love.

Are You Ready to Feel Great About Yourself? Isn’t it Time that You Begin Making the Best Choices for Your Love Life?

Working Through Your Father Daughter Issues Will: Raise Your Self Esteem, Improve Your Love Relationships, Resolve Your Deepest Issues and so much more!

Look, I’ve been in your shoes. I had "issues" growing up. My father and mother divorced when I was only 3 years old. When my father left, I didn’t see it as their marriage ending. I saw it as my daddy leaving ME. How is a young girl supposed to understand the difference? One day, my daddy was there and the next day, he wasn’t. Years later, he left the country. In short, my daddy abandoned me and I felt unloved and unwanted. So, I made sure that I would never have to feel that pain again. I walked away from every relationship I was in, because whether it was good for me or not, I was reliving my father daughter experience, over and over again.

There is a formula to breaking the patterns that our fathers have created and free ourselves from cycle that dictates the success and happiness of our most intimate relationships.

There is a method to revealing the layers of our childhood, to discovering how our father’s influence has affected who we are and who we have loved. Through these lessons, you will feel empowered by this knowledge and excited to make the changes in your life. It will be an unforgettable journey!

I have done it and I can teach it to you so that you can experience the same… Read more…

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