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Are you like me and have a passion for Fighting Fish? or maybe even your kids enjoy this wonderful little fish. I know there are a lot of people who have tried keeping fighting fish or “Bettas”, but have been frustrated when their little fighting fish dies within two weeks of bringing him home. This is very common but also very preventable, you just need to know why. Knowledge is the biggest secret in keeping fighting fish, knowledge is king. If you know why he has died then you can prevent it from happening next time.

I wrote the Fighting Fish Secrets so that people could get the most out of their fighting fish. Read what real people are saying about it.

Maybe you’re already keeping fighting fish successfully but want to go to the next step and breed your fish but don’t know how to go about it. Fighting fish can be bred very successfully, wether for an additional member to the family, or to breed a variety of fish for profit, that’s right you can sell your new fighting fish for a profit but to do all of this you will need to know how. Remember what we said earlier “Knowledge is king”. This is why I have put together my new guide “Fighting Fish Secrets’” to pass on my knowledge to help you, wether you are just trying to keep your fish alive, or would like to start breeding fighting fish.

Imagine being able to know exactly what breed of Fighting Fish will suit you and your family, or better still, know which fish will be compatible for… Read more…

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