Finally learn how to prove God,the Holly Bible to be proven fact including the acts of Jesus Christ in one great amazing suspense book dealing crooked CIA agents trying...Click Image To Visit SiteThe Unknown Known Secrets-Everybody including kids will love this novel of suspense. Crooked CIA agents are determined to destroy a young boy. These agents are actually Satan’s emissaries sent to kill the boy. The powers of evil must prevent him from growing up to achieve great feats in God’s kingdom. Interwoven in the exciting plot are proofs of the existence of God and the reality of Jesus Christ. Readers will also learn important teachings of Korean and Asian history, facts about secret Free Masons, how street gangs work, and how to recognize government conspiracies. There is a lot of valuable stuff in this novel written for Everyone! . Read this book and you will know how to prove the existence of God and the Jesus Christ while proving Islam as a false prophesied religion through the Holy Bible and historical facts!!!

You will learn how to prove the existence of God. How to prove the Holy Bible as fact backed up by historical and proven facts. Even be able to prove the acts of Jesus Christ as taught in the Christian faith to be actually 100% fact and not just faith. You will also learn how prove Islam as a false religion and where in the Holy Bible Jesus Christ warns the world of the coming of the false religion of Islam and the prophet Muhammad. There are also knowledge about street gang organizations, secret organization conspiracies from the Free Masons, Government conspiracies, Korean and other Asian histories and more.

Order right now and not only will you be able to prove the existence of God, the acts of Jesus Christ, and feel secure the Bible is 100% real, but you will learn about conspiracies, street organizations, Asian and World history!!!

This book really covered all the basis… Read more…

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