Fishing For NichesClick Image To Visit SiteIn fact, that was really my ONLY criteria… if I was clueless about something I would NEVER spend more than $1.00 (maybe $2.00) on any one item. If I had a pretty good idea about a particular item, then I would spend up to $5.00 on a single item (or SET). If I was POSITIVE about a single item or set and I knew for a fact that I could get AT LEAST 5 to 10 times my money, then I would spend $10.00 (possibly up to $20.00).

I started buying and selling on eBay in September 2002. I became pregnant with my one and only child in February of 2003 and realized that I just couldn’t keep up with the dealers. Eventually, I was able to create a personal sourcing plan that helped me to compete with the professionals and STILL allowed me to find inexpensive items that could easily turn a profit on eBay.

As a stay at home mom I first developed my techniques based on necessity. Having a child in tow and a small amount of spending cash to seed my eBay business, I developed a buying method that allowed me to find items for sale at nearly ANY venue that I shopped. Whether it was 2 pm at a yard sale, a busy thrift store or a live auction, I was able to spend a pocketful of ONE dollar bills and multiply my final profits by 5, 10, 20 and even 100 times my initial investments.

Always having my daughter in tow (and thus one less hand and a LOT less mobility), I taught myself to recognize under-valued, overlooked items at thrift stores, live auctions and yard sales; allowing me to make a large return on my money… Read more…