Fondue Entertaining Book - Fondue Recipes - Fondue Buying Tips!Click Image To Visit SiteLooking for a new and fun activity to do with friends, family or an intimate dinner? Then do a fondue!

Today, fondue has experienced a resurgence in popularity in the US, Canada and Europe. The versatility of the fondue pot and the many and varied tasty choices available will bring to your table a diversity that few other ‘fun party additions’ do!

Plus when you add melted fondue desserts with fruits and melted chocolates – most any person will have loads of fun and will experience taste combinations they have never sampled before!

Throwing a Dinner Party and finding something ‘new’ to do to thrill your party goers can be frustrating, when you are trying to do something ‘new, and unique’ to Wow them and RAVE about you as a host or hostess!

As a host myself, I am constantly on the look out for new and interesting ways to throw a party. When I wanted to find easy-to-do, fail proof fondue recipes I was hard pressed to find a good book to give me what I was looking for. With that thought in mind, I went on a hunt for a fondue book for fondue information. I was looking for the best fondue recipes, how to select a fondue pot, how to find and buy fondue accessories, and how to throw a great fondue party!

Then I compiled all my favorite fondue party tips into an easy-to-follow fondue entertainment book — with everything a new host or hostess needed to know on how to do a fondue party in style!

Or what if you could wow your family and friends at your next gathering with a fondue treat. Just think how they would rave about your fondue party with their friends! Sound Good?

How good would it… Read more…

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