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Reading news headlines is a lot like trying to figure out the weather by solely observing the clouds.  On occasion, what you see is what you get, but usually, the clouds at best only give you a partial idea as to what the weather may or may not have in store for you.

The recent headlines ( about organic versus conventional foods are similar. They do point to some important things, but the first impression you get looking at them belays the reality.

So, are organic food and conventional foods basically the same, save a few less toxic, disease causing chemicals?

“Many of the studies didn’t specify their standards for what constituted “organic” food.”

So, you are building huge, attention grabbing, view point pounding headlines based on…  a bunch of inconsistent, unanalyzed, faulty studies that contain all sorts of problematic assumptions and setups?

You treat all these studies of equal weight and worth… even when they are CLEARLY NOT of equal weight and worth?

I am sure many readers and visitors are wondering where we have been the past two months of AWOL postings.

Well, three things have been happening. First, in our home state we ended up suddenly having a window to push for small farm/food freedom legislation, and we went for it.

But it created dozens and dozens of hours of travel and work each… Read more…

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