Golf Swing Eureka! How I Knocked 30 Shots Off My Average Round of GolfClick Image To Visit SiteAfter sales exceeding $75,000 I have now slashed the cost of this information from $37 down to just $9 to get it into the hands of even more golfers… but I can’t say how long this will last

Little Known Golf Swing Facts, Which Enabled Him To Hit The Ball Further and Straighter,

Discover what very few golfers know… little known aspects that will make dramatic improvements to your Golf swing…

I guess you’re like me, you love playing golf but, even more, would love to hit the ball powerfully and consistently. Am I right? Are you fed-up of reading about the golf swing but it making very little difference to your golf? So was I.

But I never gave up on pursuing my goal – a consistent, repeatable and powerful golf swing… and today I’ve finally made it.

99% of amateur golfers perform a move in their downswing that means they never get anywhere near to feeling what a pro golfers swing is like? This is called ‘over-the-top’ and was reported in Golf International Magazine in 2005 – Click Here to see the article

The average golf handicap has not improved in the past 20 years, despite advanced golf instructors, instruction videos and books, improved courses, and improved golf balls and equipment.

80% of golfers do not know how the power in the Pro golfers swing is really generated.

Just to give you an idea of how far and wide I have searched for a good golf swing here’s how I have supported the billion dollar golf industry over the past 4 years…

Yet after spending all that money, my golf swing had improved very little. I too was becoming one of the statistics!

You see I’m just like you, an average Joe golfer, who loves to… Read more…

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