Government Secret CodeClick Image To Visit SiteGood Day, My name is Goranco Petrovski. I’m a Music Artist and Executive Producer, also known by the name Boss Money. I created this documentary Government Secret Code, to educate all of the people worldwide about Politics and how CODE is utilized in the power of World Rule. I my self have been a victim of CODE and have had experiences with the highest level of Politics worldwide. I’m known by Presidents, Prime Ministers, and the International Criminal Court. You can check out my music artist website at and learn some of the things that have been linked to my life. Though this DVD is not directed to my life, I discuss some of the most important codes in recent events.

Below is a picture of myself, it is actually the album cover for my music album, I released back in 2009. Take a close look at it because in the documentary I will cover some of the incidents on it, and explain the CODE that was used.

My documentary Government Secret Code will reveal some BIG World SECRETS in the form of CODE. The documentary is 35 minutes long and proves information about Government CODE and the way it is utilized. I will discuss the most powerful Government Codes and break them down for understanding.

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