Healthy Kids Snacks Delicious and Easy To MakeClick Image To Visit SiteDo you worry about your children’s health and wish you could include healthy kids snacks in their diet?

Do you really know what you are eating and what affect the food you buy is having on your children’s delicate growing bodies? Are you horrified by the amounts of preservatives, artificial colors and sugar that are in most packaged food?

I know I am and that is why I have written this series of books on “Super Healthy” eating. This eBook “30 Super Healthy Kids Snacks” shows you how simple and easy it is to make healthy kids snacks that they will love.

My name is Pamela Vinten and my passion for the last 40 years as a nutritionist and mum has been finding healthy food options for the family. After all I raised five healthy, happy kids of my own so I have had lots of experience.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make healthy kids snacks  that are not only super nutritious but  so yummy your kids will come back for more?

Maybe you are feeling sad, angry and fed-up with your battle with your child’s diet restrictions and having to say no all the time?  With these healthy kids snacks you can now say yes knowing you are giving them the best!

All my recipes are made with raw natural ingredients which are brimming full of goodness just the way nature intended. I use no sugar or processed foods so no nasty chemicals.

Have a look at the pictures below to see some of the healthy kids snacks you will find in this great eBook.

Well now you can when you make these healthy kids snacks.  The great news is once children get the taste for natural foods many will shy… Read more…

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