High Intensity Muscle Building - High Intensity Nation - The Go-To Place On The Internet For High Intensity TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteIs your head spinning from all the conflicting information you hear about how to work out? Is all this confusion keeping you from getting started?  Even worse, have you been spending 12 or more hours every week killing yourself in the gym-with little or nothing to show for it?

In order for your muscles to grow bigger and stronger, a stimulus must be applied that sets the muscle-building process in motion.

As it applies to exercise, intensity is defined as the percentage of maximum momentary effort being exerted. And make no mistake, your workouts must be intense to build muscle. Nobody gets big and strong from lifting light weights.

So intense training has to come first; it is the stimulus, the thing that flips the switch and sets muscular change into motion.

But your body doesn’t actually change during the workout; the workout merely stimulates the change. Then you need a recovery period to give your body time to produce those changes.

And if you workout again before that entire process is completed, you will short circuit the growth process, and ALL your training efforts will be wasted.

You must be careful to perform the precise amount of intense training required to stimulate muscle growth-no more, no less; then, get out of the gym for the precise amount of time required to allow that muscle growth to take place. Anything less is under-stimulating; anything more is over-training; and if you don’t get it just right, you won’t get bigger and stronger-period.

My name is Dave Durell.  I have been studying, and practicing, High Intensity Training for over 30 years, and successfully training other people as a Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, and NFL Strength and Conditioning Assistant.  Over the years, I have… Read more…

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