High Status Humor - The kind of humor that turns women onClick Image To Visit SiteWhat if you had the magic ability to always be "on" and to make women laugh at will no matter where you were or who you were talking to?

Numerous studies have shown that sense of humor is the top trait women are looking for in a man. In fact, a guy who can consistently make a hot girl laugh, doesn’t need to be tall, rich, or good-looking. It’s the best advantage a guy can have for attracting the hottest women.

But most guys have no idea HOW to be funny. And the ones that do, are funny in the wrong way – their jokes make them come across as the "funny friend" who has no chance with the girl they want.

This video gives you a simple system for creating humor in any situation. And shows you the difference between "attractive humor" that women can’t resist, and Clown humor… that will put you in the friend zone every time. Read more…

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