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"I can thoroughly recommend a different kind of soccer book for any young soccer player or their parents who want to improve their soccer understanding."

"This book is the only book in town that can help young soccer players, boys, girls AND their parents understand soccer better!"

@iammarkburke you rock! Love your posts ! Once I have kids I want to get your book! ;)Kristen KennyFox Sports

"Mark has a unique and compelling approach to developing young players.  We live in a world now where people look for one ‘answer’ to becoming great.  The key to success lies in many areas encompassing physical skills, mental approach and lifestyle.  Mark understands and conveys that powerful message from experience." Stewart FlahertyHead Coach Bates College, Assistant Coach Portland Phoenix PDL

"This is a fantastic read! Interesting and informative for players/parents and coaches alike!"  Tom BradyWest Bromwich Albion FC Academy Coach

"When a professional footballer thinks hard about the game then he usually leaves us amateurs behind. Mark Burke is one of the thinkers. Add that to his experiences playing in England, Holland, Romania and Japan and he’s perfectly equipped to teach youngsters how to improve their soccer."Simon KuperAward winning author, sports columnist for the Financial Times.

"As a youth coach I’ve done my share of reading various soccer related books. Some are helpful while others too often explain the game at a level your average spectator may not understand or appreciate. Mark Burke takes a holistic approach at giving a newbie player trying to find their way as well as a parent that wants to better understand the game.  I can’t say thank you enough for putting so much emphasis on practice, practice… Read more…

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