HomeClick Image To Visit SiteAs I was walking around the store, I happen to notice their new lineup of fitness equipment for about $10 on the high end and as little as $3 on the lower end.

Being a past fitness trainer in gyms and helping people with at-home workouts, I knew a workout could be designed with the simple tools they were selling in their store.

Many other retail stores sell the same items, but people just don’t know how to put it all together for a great workout.

It was time to finally create a specific workout routine that uses those very affordable items, and brings people some great results in the end!

The "XT" stands for cross-training, meaning there are many ways to get fit and healthy. You just have to follow the right advice on how to get there.

I’ve helped people back in my days as a full-time trainer in gyms and with at-home workouts, and continued to help many people after my full-time trainer days and have assisted people with mainly at-home workouts and running plans.

I’ve had a series of guides on Amazon Kindle that have helped many people with their running and kettlebell workouts.

Many people pursuing a change in lifestyle with a fitness program will fall into a camp of "More Is Always Better", and get injured or simply burnt out in the process because they can’t find adequate workouts to fit into their busy lives.

My training e-book, "Fit XT: Solutions That Work", is a guide to help you avoid burnout, become focused and motivated again, and help you along the way by following time-tested advice and programming.

That you don’t have to follow a multi-level marketing schematic of drinking shakes, swallowing dozens of pills… Read more…

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