Home-Cooked Diet Meal Plan with Once-a-Month CookingClick Image To Visit SiteYou know the kind – they’re in the freezer case and have pretty pictures of the tiny meals you’ll find inside the little cardboard box.

It’s easy to throw one in the microwave, and you know exactly how many calories you’re getting, every time.

In fact, when I’m dieting, I just about have to use pre-portioned meals at work – because if I don’t I’ll end up at the local lunch counter, ordering something that is way too expensive, and much too fattening.

When I look around the lunchroom at work, I can see that at least half the women, (and many of the men), are eating out of those familiar packages.

Millions of people eat those frozen meals, and the companies that make them are piling up a fortune. I’m sure that you’ve bought a few of them, yourself.

I still take a pre-portioned, microwave-able meal to work, so I’m not tempted to eat something that isn’t on my diet.

But I don’t stand in front of the freezer case at the grocery store any more, trying to find some diet meals that happens to be on sale.

When I need to watch my calories, my meals still include lots of veggies, something the supermarket brands often leave out – so I’m satisfied when my lunch is over, and I’m not tempted to make a stop at the candy machine on my way back to my desk.

Sometimes I add a delicious fruit smoothie I bring from home – or I have a whole-meal salad instead of a hot lunch.

For me, natural weight loss is more important that fast or quick weight loss – I want my diet food to be healthy, too.

My secret? I cook once every two or three weeks, and fill my freezer with delicious… Read more…

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