Home Made Ice Cream Recipes - Super Healthy MealsClick Image To Visit SiteSadly the ‘Ice Cream’ you buy in the supermarket is full of artificial colouring, thickening agents to stop it melting and ridiculous amounts of refined sugar and that’s just the beginning!

We can all justify the reasons for what we do but in the end we all know we really aren’t making a healthy choice for our children.

Writing this book on Home Made Ice Cream Recipes I quickly came to the conclusion that supermarket ice cream is really, really bad. In fact when I decided to do some research it was very simple to find out just how bad the supermarket ice cream products have become:

Undoubtedly the number one reason we all love ice cream is the smooth creaminess and addictive properties science is now telling us sugar has.

If Home Made Ice Cream is going to compete with the supermarket stuff it must taste just as good and still remain a super healthy ice cream. After all kids can’t be fooled: “They’ll either like it or not”. There is no way you can get them to eat something just because it is actually good for them.

In this eBook you will find 30 Super Healthy home made ice cream recipes. They are amazingly healthy as all the ingredients are natural. No processed junk here just natural ingredients brimming with goodness.

Imagine being able to give your fussy little eater an ice cream sandwich for breakfast knowing they are having a healthy meal. No more fights at the meal table.

When the kids arrive home from school starving and looking for junk food how great to be able to help them make frozen banana choc bites and watch them gobble them down. Now everyone’s happy

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