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If you love dogs, and would like to know how to get started in becoming a certified, professional dog trainer…

A long time ago it was my dream to become an animal trainer, I always loved animals and I knew being around dogs as a career would be amazing!

How could anyone want to work at a desk when you could be outside spending time with beautiful dogs and getting paid for it?

It was early on when I decided I didn’t want to have an average boring job – I wanted to follow my passion.

You get to meet great dogs and people – Everyday you’ll meet new and interesting people and their dogs. You’ll get to find out exactly how they think and hear their unique stories.

You help both dogs and people – Nothing is more rewarding then finishing the day knowing you made a difference. I can’t tell you how many times people have wanted to abandon their dogs in shelters and with just a few sessions, everything changes.

The 9-5 hours doesn’t exist – If you are a dog trainer you won’t have to work the same hours as everyone else. You can work as and when you want to, athours that suit you and your lifestyle.

Every day is a little bit different – You won’t be one of the millions of people that complain everyday of the same boring job, since, as a dog trainer you will face new challenges everyday and you’ll love it.

Your job is mobile – Being a dog trainer is a profession that will always be needed, it can never go obsolete… Read more…

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