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Skills required to build a “Dome Studio” are a combination of regular building skills, hand and manual skills, organization and of course, plan reading skills together with plenty of common sense, patience, perseverance, flexibility and a willingness to Try Something Completely New:

Domeshells innovative, patented building system is based on a sandwich panel of composites formed in a compound curve shape such as a “dome”. A Domeshell is formed as a monolithic shell structure having no seams or joints and can be constructed in sizes from 3.0m diameter to 12.0m diameter.

They can be stand-alone or linked together to form multiple dome homes.  The sandwich panel comprises a core of polyurethane spray foam with “glass fiber (or basalt fiber) reinforced concrete” (GRC) structural coatings on either side forming a light weight yet extremely strong and exceptionally well insulated monolithic shell.

Domeshell structures are capable of withstanding extreme winds, earthquakes, hail, snow, heat and cold.

No matter where you live in the world, there are many ways to adapt the system which I refer to in the DIY Manual.There are many alternative building materials in different parts of the world, which could be substituted for some of the materials described in the DIY Manual.

A detailed Manual on ‘How to build a Dome shell Structure’ using sand/cement composites and polyurethane foam. Read more…