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How to Get Kids Into Science - CB - 10 Minutes of Quality TimeClick Image To Visit SiteWe want our kids to succeed in school, but we don’t want school to suck the fun out of acquiring knowledge.

Science should fill kids with wonder and amazement, not frustration from endless school work… That‘s why getting into science in the home setting is such a great idea!

What makes this pack unique – We’ve created this essential science pack for parents and teachers who want to offer their children scientific tidbits, while keeping it light and fun.

We’re sure that like us, you’ve got many amazing science books that collect dust on a shelf and no one ever reads because of information overload… 🙁

I love your booklets. My kids are 6 and 7 and we homeschool. Your booklets are the perfect length for my son. He can go through one “quickly” and to him it feels like he completed something in one sitting (because it is a booklet). The topics are also what interests him, biology, earth, space.

My daughter loves the booklets. She’s now 9 years old and she loves solving  puzzles and word games, so the booklets were perfect for her 🙂

My son is now old enough to read on his own, but he still came and showed every one of the puzzles he finished successfully.

As a family project, we built together a website that’s dedicated to parents spending quality time with their kids. Read more…

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