How To Get Six Pack Abs - Guaranteed! Total Six Pack AbsClick Image To Visit Site"Best Case" is how long it will take you at the quickest. "Worst Case" is the slowest you can expect to get there – and it’s still pretty fast!

PLEASE NOTE: The tattoo is on the ‘other arm’ in the after photo because Darshan is taking a pic of his reflection in the mirror.

"What impressed me most was how precisely the TSPA system is laid out and the fact that you could predict when you would get your six pack. This precision enabled me to finally get down to 9.8% bodyfat and a 32 inch waist. (I’m around 11% bodyfat in the after photo after).

People who haven’t seen me for a while are totally blown away and even my close friends and family had trouble believing that such a simple no nonsense approach works. Mark thank you very much, I’m grateful.”

Darshan Weerasinghe. Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Darshan has kindly agreed to verify his results by email or Facebook if you doubt the authenticity of this testimonial).

All that’ll do is burn precious muscle tissue and make you absolutely MISERABLE. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Getting a sculpted six-pack is about getting your body fat percentage low enough to see the hard abs you’ve built underneath; it’s NOT about how many sit-ups you can do!

"I’m confused! There’s just too much information to absorb, too much conflicting advice. How can I cut out all the noise?"

I’m here to deliver for you. I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through the journey, showing you the clearest, fastest path to your goal – NO confusion, NO gray areas!

"Mark’s approach to getting to that coveted single digit bodyfat percentage is now totally comprehensable with the new total six pack abs book. A… Read more…

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