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But my joy quickly changed when I saw how these 2 guys were clearly showing how NOT to repair an air conditioner.

After about 45 minutes and trying to figure out what spanner to use, what screwdriver, how to disassemble the contraption… or how to spot the problem… they left.

All this changed when another technician pitched up with a teeny weenie little toolbox and extremely skilfully repaired whatever was broken in less than 5 minutes.

But as they left it suddenly struck me how often I see the very same thing happening with many babies’ development.

I often see parents spending enormous amounts of money buying their babies everything imaginable… trying to boost their skills and ability… even trying to get them crawling or sitting or walking.

In fact, they would eagerly spend tens of thousands of dollars if they could just buy their baby a few more skills.

So they pointlessly keep on throwing money and effort around hoping and wishing that their baby develops the skills, talent and brilliance! But you and I both know that they’re not doing it the right way! Or doing the right thing!

Strangely to most parents, the right answer for developing your baby’s skills and ability is a much easier, cheaper and proven way.

Imagine it was you repairing my air conditioner. Now, if you knew what to do; have just the right tools; and, do the right things… Even you could have repaired my air conditioner!

If you KNOW what your child should be mastering and you DO the right things… your baby WILL fully develop her skills & talents!

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