How To Sew A Relaxed Roman Shade E-Book - Simple Sewing ProjectsClick Image To Visit SiteNo matter what level of sewer you are, you can not only learn how to sew professional quality roman shades BUT also learn how to install your roman shades and hardware.

The best part is, it’s easy to use. Just download your e-book (PDF), print the instructions if you want, watch the videos and within minutes you’ll be on your way to hanging amazing roman shades on all your windows.

I must say… your Roman Shades e-book is absolutely fabulous!! The step-by-step instructions and easy to follow diagrams are the best I’ve seen on making shades. Now, even sewing beginners can save money by applying the simple techniques you’ve outlined.

You and your books are fabulous! I was so skeptical about the roman shade book. After all, everyone says they are easy and there are a zillion “free” instructions out there. Funny how none of them made me grab a measuring tape and then run to the hardware store!

The difference is your book gave me confidence. Now I am envisioning new windows all over the house!

I watched all the videos as soon as I purchased it last night and printed off the blind I wanted to make. It was a very comprehensive guide , especially compared to all the other free sites i saw on the web. I am looking forward to making my first blind shortly.

I found this book while searching for a pattern. A friend ask me if I knew how to make roman shades, and my reply was, “No, but surely we can figure it out.”

I told her I would look and find a pattern and that I would try it out for a window in my house before we did her formal living room.

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