How to teach guitar,how to make money teaching guitar,teaching guitarClick Image To Visit SiteAre you looking for information on how to open your own guitar teaching business? Are you already teaching guitar and want to make more money from your lesson programs? Do you want to learn how to open your own guitar school? Perhaps you teach guitar from home or are teaching guitar for a music school that is not your own? Whatever your guitar teaching situation, you can make a fantastic living as a guitar teacher.

For the past 27 years over 7,500 guitar students paid me and my staff to study with us. I brought into my business well over $2,000,000 in teaching revenue before taxes and expenses. Then I also had other revenue streams related to teaching my students but income that involved sales, rentals and commissions from retail businesses who sold guitars and related products and services my students needed.

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Yes, you can make $20 to $30 an hour teaching your students or you can make as much as $120 an hour for the same hour because instead of thinking like a teacher you are also thinking like a business person.

The dozens of teachers whom I hired over the years were highly skilled musicians with university degrees in their field yet they received $10 an hour from me and were pleased to get it. Most of my staff stayed for years. One teacher was with me for 18 years. Why? Because their guitar teaching schedules were nearly always full.

The question is, do you want to earn $10/hr teaching guitar for someone else? Or do you want to be able to have other teachers teaching for you while YOU make the real money? Even if you teach… Read more…

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