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Hustle University Ebooks - Hustle UniversityClick Image To Visit SiteThe Hustler’s 10 Commandments- the entrepreneur’s bible! A contemporary look at real business by providing the top 10 practical strategies for success in any business. Often compared to Think and Grow Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the timeless classic: The Art of War.

Use your 9 to 5 to jumpstart your 5 to 9! Here’s the definitive guidebook for what we call Professional Hustlers (entrepreneurs who work a 9-5.) Use your job to leverage your business. Keep your day job… and Hustle While You Work!

Faith without works is DEAD! The Hustler’s Gospel is an explanation of Universal Laws of true Wealth & Power. It reveals the single greatest secret about money to show 7 paths to creating the life we want. By recognizing and applying these 7 simple core values, a person can literally live the lifestyle of a millionaire WITHOUT HAVING A MILLION DOLLARS!

Turn your PASSION into PROFIT! BYS is a step-by-step process of creating an outstanding personal brand (including: name, logo and slogan). Shows how to create a brand so strong and unique that NO ONE can compete or duplicate it! This workbook will take you through a patented system for successful, profitable brand building. DO YOU and GET PAID!

Go from Trials and Tribulations to TRIUMPH! Keep It Moving is a users guide for the daily defense against life’s most common pitfalls and problems. This book contains solutions for nearly every situation imaginable! Read it if you want to: LEAP over issues, BULL-DOZE through troubles, SMASH negativity, SLIDE naysayers out the way, GRAB the baton of life and keep it moving towards all of your goals! 100% Guaranteed to work!

How to Sell Water to a Whale contains 40 tried, tested and proven sales… Read more…

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