Jill Darcey :: Parenting with the Ex Factor - by Jill Darcey (Maxi eBook) - How to successfully co-parent after divorceClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever thought… "How the heck do I cope parenting with my Ex? They’re unreasonable about everything! They’re always pointing out faults over what I do! The children seem to still want to see them … even though I’d rather they didn’t."

If this is you – the good news is here. Like you, I know how hard it is to parent with an Ex and I’ve written down the best proven strategies to help smooth the road ahead for you and your children. Over 400 page eBook covering:

Facing the reality of divorce for me was facing the feeling that I had failed. If it was just me and the Ex husband, I could have coped with that … sore but okay. The fact that there were three children involved seemed to make things so much worse.

If I made the decision to leave my marriage or not, it was like I was sentencing my children to living their life with a huge disability. This of course was my worst nightmare, especially after all my dedication and effort to be the best parent I could be. It all seemed useless now because I was getting divorced.

It took me years to put it into practice but it really has made a difference to my life and the lives of so many parents that I have helped through counselling and coaching.

It is so important that we do more to help our children through divorce. They are innocent and yet the statistics tell us a very sad story…

They are five time more likely to be poor. More likely to drop out of school, be in trouble with the law, become a teen parent, and they’re more likely to divorce themselves. As a result, they are also more likely to die before… Read more…

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