Joe's Fat Book - The Weight Loss GameClick Image To Visit SiteJOE’S FAT BOOK IS FIRST AND FOREMOST . . . A GAME. (a weight loss game) It lasts 21 days.  You play against yourself. You have fun. You are free to eat anything you want (except things you can’t identify). You can drink. You don’t have to do vigorous exercise. You are in complete control and nobody is telling you what you have to do.

“I am having a blast with this! It’s been about 7 years since I first put Joe’s Fat Book to the test. It worked then and it works today. What I forgot is how much fun it is and how it not only lets you lose weight but it reshapes your body as well!”

“This is truly, ‘the lazy man’s (or woman’s) way to drop some pounds and inches’ without sacrificing your food preferences or stressing your body! It’s amazing how fast your score adds up. You develop these little habits that are so easy . . . yet so effective. It’s the cheapest money you’ll ever spend to destroy those unwanted pounds and inches.” – BW

Now you’re probably thinking there has to be a gimmick. After all, you can scan the TV channels any hour of the day and find some kind of “secret formula” weight loss program that guarantees you’ll lose giant amounts of weight in record time.  THIS AIN’T IT.

With Joe’s fat book you can come pretty close to knowing how much you’re going to lose on the first day. The real beauty is . . . you can play the game any time you want and lose some ugly fat every time.

This is the real thing. There is no razzle-dazzle, voodoo, or magic potions to contend with. You do not need a… Read more…

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