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JoyLove PublishingClick Image To Visit SiteGoing Up On Her is all about comfort, support, ease, and most of all, fun and pleasure. It provides the perfect angle for giving her the most intense pleasure in a shorter amount of time, in a way that is far more comfortable and enjoyable for her partner. Consider it a new sex position, a new lovemaking philosophy, and a new approach to pleasuring a woman all rolled into one.

Going “up” on a woman vs. going “down” in the traditional positions can cause her to powerfully orgasm in a fraction of the time it normally takes. We also found that it makes multiple orgasms much more likely and achievable. This is partly because of the way the woman’s body is positioned, and because it makes performing amazing oral sex on her so easy and enjoyable for her partner.

Because a woman’s partner is more comfortable and at ease in Going Up On Her, it frees up energy and empowers them to focus and perform better, which increases their confidence. Woman on top positions feel empowering to women. Also, in this position she can relax both physically and mentally because she knows her partner is comfortable. The more relaxed she is, the more confident she is.

Woman on top positions are just undeniably hot and sexy, and this position is no exception. Because of the angle of the position, it’s very flattering to a woman’s body—in fact, she’s never looked more beautiful. Her partner can simply relax, enjoy her beauty, and focus on driving her wild. And she’s in so much ecstasy the entire time…what could be sexier than that?

Women are complex sexual creatures, and when it comes to giving her pleasure there is vast territory to explore. One of the… Read more…

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