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Customer Reviews

Love my kindle

 on 3 July 2018
By Tweez
Bought my kindle from Argos, in white. I have the kindle app on my iPhone and iPad, so already used to how they load etc. I set up my collection and downloaded my books quickly and easily from the cloud. I love the screen quality and how easy it is to change the lighting and font size. I don’t always have my reading glasses to hand so it’s easy to switch into larger text ( if I’m on the train for example). I think I’ll continue to buy new books on my iPad or phone, rather than on the paper white, as it’s just easier for me. I tend to keep WiFi switched off and so far, since charging it fully 10 days ago, the battery is still at 80% approx, that’s with 30 mins to 1hr reading daily. I don’t really need to have the wifi on with this as it’s used purely for reading downloaded books, though I put the WiFi on occasionally to synch my kindle. So far so good!

Great reader and so light!

 on 30 April 2018
By KirrieFee
Wow, this is so light and easy to hold compared to my old Kindle. I wasn’t sure whether to get the Paperwhite again or upgrade but decided to stick with the Paperwhite and I’m so glad I did. My library loaded up into the new Kindle with no hitches and all the books were there. I went for the basic model and feel that it loads books really quickly. The screen is really good and you have the choice of fonts and font size so can personalise it to suit yourself. You have the choice to pay extra to have the adverts removed, I wasn’t sure what that meant but decided not to pay the extra. Glad I didn’t pay the extra because all it means is the screen has book suggestions and offers instead of the screen saver and you just swipe the screen to get into the book you are reading. Love my new Paperwhite and would recommend.

Brilliant model

 on 3 June 2016
By Mark Tatton
I’m generally an Apple user, but there’s no comparison between e-ink and any of the iPad screens. The new retina displays are great for about 30-45 mins, for my eyes, but after that, they feel very tired. There just doesn’t seem to be a limit to how long I can read for on e-ink. This is well documented though.

Excellent Product

 on 13 July 2016
By Caitlin
I’ve always been a but put off by the idea of e-readers, as nothing compares to the feel of a book in your hand and the smell of the paper! That may be, but since getting a Kindle for Christmas I’ve become a complete convert. I love being able to carry hundreds of books around with me to choose from at any minute, and it’s so much easier to carry around a Kindle compared to a regular book as you can comfortably hold it in one hand. I have very young kids, and can read my Kindle without worrying about the pages getting torn or scribbled on. I’ve read more in the past 6 months than in the whole of the year before I got the Kindle.

Very satisfied!

 on 22 July 2018
By Olanda Veldre
I bought this last year December, and I’m really loving it! It came in a very compact and safe packaging. I bought it without special offers, as I heard the special offers are actually ads, so you can see in the picture that there’s a pretty screensaver on (which changes every once in a while). There are many options you can do while using it, there is a dictionary option, which explains the words you don’t understand, you can translate them to other languages, bookmark and highlight parts of the books, which I find very useful! I also chose only wifi connectivity, as I’m mostly at home, and can buy multiple books at home. However, if there’s no internet connectivity, you cannot see the dictionary and translation options. It’s small and can fit into many bags, and is easy to carry around. I bought it with a purpose, as my physical books were taking up a large space in my home, I find this the perfect option, even if I prefer to read the physical books more rather than digital. It also has brightness option, which is very useful, especially if you fancy reading late in the evenings or late at night. You can also access internet from it, when it’s connected to internet, and allows you to go to very primitive websites like google and news sites. Overall, I’m very happy with my kindle, and bought my first book instantly, which was a very easy process. Would highly recommend!

Great Product but Check the Battery lifetime after the first charge. (See Review)

 on 24 July 2018
By Insignia
I would have given this E-reader 5 stars but unfortunately the first one that I received had a faulty battery and even when It wasn’t being used the battery would have almost drained away after only 24 hours, so needless to say it went back. The replacement is absolutely fantastic after one charge and being used everyday from between 1/2 hour to 2 hours at a time and I still haven’t re-charged it after almost 4 weeks have passed since the first charge.

Much easier than a book

 on 20 August 2017
By Cazz
This is my second Paperwhite. My first had an issue that could not be rectified after 6 years of, almost nightly, use. I like being able to adjust the brightness to how I need it, when I want to. Some nights I need to alter my font size, especially if my eyes are tired, which I can do with no hassle. Although I miss the smell of a new book, it is much easier to use the kindle. No books lying around cluttering the place up. I would recommend this to anyone. I do wish it was slightly cheaper, but with the amount of books I read, it pays for itself in no time.
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