LEAD GUITARClick Image To Visit SiteThis Revolutionary "Lead Guitar Rock Scales" course is for the beginner and intermediate lead guitar player. Here is what you are expected to receive once you download the course.

All " TZAR" songs from the album "Players Of The Game" are available for download for the price of $1.00 each song.

A person who has the musical skills necessary to play one or more instruments may have the desire to become a professional musician or work in a related field. The intent of this manual is to give you an insight into how you can achieve those goals and subsequently earn a comfortable living by persisting to polish your lead guitar skills and giving the right effort for something you believe in. You perform by providing entertainment, and in exchange receive money for your services. I remember when I joined our first band called the Teasers with my two brothers Frank and Peter Tahan, a top 40, rock and roll and fifties music cover band, this was a family affair, back then I hardly knew how to play guitar but just enjoyed so much the guitar instrument that I was willing to pay the price in order to reach the next level. Not too long after the Teasers we decided to change our musical direction to join the heavy metal hitters in the Metal Rock bar scene which was a lot more appealing to all of us, this is when TZAR was born

The Rock guitar sound really attracted me but the problem was we needed a heavy metal guitarist and since I wasnât going to miss my chance I decided right then that I would do everything it takes to fulfill the heavy metal shoes of that Rock lead guitar player. Back then in the early 80âs the internet… Read more…

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