Learn English - Learn EnglishClick Image To Visit SiteIs English your second language? If you said “Yes!”, do you want to learn how to talk fluently? Then I have something that will help you to improve your speaking ability.

According to linguists, people learn foreign languages by remembering phrases than words or sentences. Based on this fact, I have created this book to help you speak English in a short period of time. Most of the people are familiar with many words, but they don’t know how to talk. Their ability to form sentences is limited due to the inadequate number of phrases.

Everyday Survival Kit for English Learners includes more than 100 situational conversations with many common phrases. You can use these phrases in all the situations that you encounter everyday. The purpose of this book is to help you communicate effectively. Look at the following example:

~ You are calling some restaurant to reserve few tables for your friends. How would you talk to the customer service? This book gives few examples and provides many phrases that you can use to that particular situation.

Let’s look at another example: ~ You are calling the local phone company to get a new phone line to your home. If you don’t know few specific phrases on this subject, you wouldn’t be able to talk to the person on the other line.

~ You are calling your apartment superintendent regarding the clogged sink or bathtub, if you don’t know a few specific phrases; you can’t express the reason of your call. Somehow you need to know few phrases to survive in English speaking country.

Whatever your reasons are, this Everyday Survival Kit for English Learners has been designed so that you can learn to talk really FAST.Try to practice one conversation at a time and… Read more…

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