Learn how to build a koi fish pond & filter with DIY Training videos & eBooksClick Image To Visit Site"Discover how easy it is to build a fish pond, biological filter, breed healthy fish and become a koi expert”

This started me thinking about a Do It Yourself Koi video series and Koi eBook, tailored made for beginners yet offered something valuable that the koi experts could also download in the privacy of their homes to learn new skills.

If you’ve been thinking about raising koi, but procrastinating because you thought they were too difficult to take care of, think again. With this Do-It- Yourself Koi video series, eBooks and Bonus’s you will learn all the tricks to get you started building a new fish pond or maintaining your existing fish pond within days. I will show you through my step by step videos and manuals what to do.

Keeping Koi fish is not the same as keeping salt water or other freshwater fish species. Koi are unique and really require some good basic fish care knowledge. All secrets about growing Koi fish you will find in this ebook…

The DIY Videos will show you how to make a cheap above ground fish pond, how to position the fish pond liner, how to reinforce the fish pond walls, add a water fall, pump, pond filter and care for your fish.

If you’re like me you dream about building your very own fish pond and watching koi splash around while sitting in a quite part of the garden on a chair, listening to the sounds of a cascading waterfall and relaxing by the pond after a hard days work. If you will allow me to help you, I can show you how your dreams of a fantastic looking fish pond can be your reality today!

Keeping koi fish is not the same as keeping an aquarium, a… Read more…

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