Learn To Play Guitar - Guitar Lessons For Beginners - Online Guitar LessonsClick Image To Visit SiteWhat’s included? ** Complete beginners Guitar Course with 30 x HD Videos. ** A Years worth of membership guitar tuition videos. ** All the PDF Downlaods. ** Guitar Chords. ** Guitar Tab. ** Guitar Backing Tracks. ** And Absolutely Anything Else Crash Course Muso Has Produced. *** This is probably your best opportunity to learn to play the guitar online – ever *** *** More guitar tuition than you can throw a stick at ***

Learn To Play Classic Guitar Songs With these classic guitar songs in your repertoire, you’ll be the attraction of any party. By the end of the course you will be playing Smells Like Teen Spirit, Smoke On The Water, Hey Joe 12 Bar Blues, Pretty Woman, Wonderwall, The James Bond Theme, 12 Bar Rock ‘n’ Roll, Enter Sandman, I love Rock ‘n’ Roll, Shakin All Over, Layla and many more.

Essential Guitar Techniques Using A Guitar Pick, Chord Diagrams, Open Major Chords, Open Minor Chords, Pentatonic Blues Scales, Basic Strumming Patterns, Palm Muting, Song Practice Using Your Chords, Making Open And Barre Chord Progressions, Extending The Blues Scale, How To Play Arpeggios, Building Up Your Chord Bank, Hammer Ons And Pull Offs, Lead Guitar, Finger Picking Technique, How To Play By Ear.

Power, Seventh, Open and Barre Chords Learn well over 200 chords in our course and never get stuck trying to find a chord again.

Simple Guitar Tab How to read simple guitar tab. Our unique animated guitar tab makes it so easy to read and follow guitar tab. Get this down and you’ve just opened up the doors to 1000’s & 1000’s of songs you can play.

Major, Minor & Pentatonic Scales The holy grail of guitar playing. These short video lessons will provide you with 99% of the knowledge you’ll ever need to pull off the majority of guitar solos.

Incredible Finger Workout Mastering these incredible… Read more…

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