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Learn to vlog – DARETOGROWClick Image To Visit Site10 part video series: Learn how to make a vlog just like the one below. The course contains 10 step-by-step training videos and you follow along as I make this very vlog. Learn how to plan your vlog series, how to capture professional video content using just your smart phone, learn how to add cinematic scenes to your vlog and how to add music to bring your vlog to life.

Come behind the scenes as I edit the vlog above on iMovie and learn all my HACKS for producing a quality vlog filmed on your iPhone (or smart phone / camera)

Receive the raw footage used in the vlog above so you can follow along in the demos and practice your skills immediately

This is a fully online course. You can tune into the video training in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Or, watch the videos during your commute or during a break at work. You have full access to the training course and you can complete it in your own time.

Please note: you’ll require an iPhone or smart phone to film your own vlog footage and you will need the desktop / lap top version of iMovie in order to benefit fully from the training.

When you join the course, you’ll receive the raw footage used to make the vlog above. This means you can dive in and start practicing your skills right away!

There is an exclusive forum in each training video. If you have any questions about the training or if you get stuck, leave a message and Lisa will answer you personally!

I love vlogging! Having filmed over 100 vlogs now (and having watched a lot more) I thought it would be useful to introduce the concept… Read more…

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