LinuxEZ Linux For Your Home PC Or Notebook ComputerClick Image To Visit SiteComputer Dealer? You can add installing Linux on home computers to your services. Make up to $250 per job! This is really good pay for less than one hour of work! This is a great service you can offer customers that have constant troubles with malware. Your customers will love you for it; plus you get paid very well!

Virus and Spyware Free! Linux is immune to 99% of viruses and spyware. You can surf in the worst neighborhoods on the web and not worry about your computer getting screwed up. Download music movies and games and not worry about trojans and adware. You no longer need to fear opening attacthments in you email and getting a system wrecking worm. Unlike in windows systems, when the browser pop-up blocker is set, YOU DON’T GET POP-UPS!

Ultra Stable & Reliable! Many commercial Linux servers have been known to run for six years or more without a single system crash! With Linux, viruses and spyware can’t change your system settings or destroy your computer. This is why over 75% of servers are Linux powered! Even hackers can’t change your settings enough to cause serious problems. Avoid the blue screen of death and use Linux!

So Easy to Use! A six year old child can use Linux! If you have been using Mac or Windows, the learning curve for Linux is so very easy. Just like with Windows, you can "cut & paste", "copy & paste", "drag & drop", and save online images to your computer. Linux is made to be simple for the computer novice and is very fool proof.

Tons of Free Linux Software and Games! Over 9,000 FREE SOFTWARE programs are available for Linux. Downloading and installing the software is easy with the awesome and simple package manager. Most programs available… Read more…

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