Liver Detox Diet Book with a Difference - Super Healthy MealsClick Image To Visit SiteThe word “detox” has been bandied around a lot over the past couple of years but many people do not really know what a detox is and how to go about detoxing safely.

As the liver is the primary organ of detoxification a detox is sometimes called a liver detox or a liver cleanse.

Usually when we see the word “detox” in the media it is an ad for an expensive program or other or a fad diet – like the lemon juice detox diet. As a marketing ploy all these detox programs promise weight loss – lots of weight loss.

Because of our toxic, acid forming cooked and processed diet obesity has reached epidemic proportions and so to market a product guaranteed to take off weight is a winner. These detox programs work but unless a permanent change in diet is undertaken those hard lost pounds or kilos creep back on.

What do you do then? – spend more money to do their expensive detox program again! Crazy isn’t it but sadly the fate of many of us

You need a  liver detox diet plan as outlined in this liver detox diet book that works and keeps on working because you want to eat the detox foods – not just for 3 days to be endured before you can go back to your toxic diet again.

The ideal liver detox diet is one where you are encouraged to make changes in your diet permanently so the weight doesn’t sneak back on.

A raw foods diet is a great  liver detox diet. In fact a raw foods diet is primarily a detox diet (be it 20% raw or 100% raw). Any increase in the amount of raw will trigger a detox.

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