Love Skills - Boost your Love skills - Become a better LoverClick Image To Visit SiteMany “sex-guides” recommend that men think of something else (as un-erotic as possible), in order to restrain their own arousal and avoid a premature orgasm. But hey, let’s be honest: who, when engaged in the “most beautiful leisure activity in the world,” wants to think about something un-erotic? Besides, it seems a lot like a struggle with one’s own body. Meanwhile, satisfaction– at least for the man – falls by the wayside.

The solution to the problem is simple: “come” and keep right on going! Now, you might be thinking: “Say what? By then my erection’s long gone! You can’t play pick-up-sticks with wet spaghetti noodles!”

“The Secet to Male Multiple Orgasm and other sex skills,” shows that things don’t have to be this way. EVERY man can learn to maintain his erection after the first orgasm, and to have several more orgasms on top of that.

The MO-technique itself is already very old. The first known indications come from China, where this knowledge was kept secret by noblemen and wealthy merchants. For this reason, one point in the genital region is tellingly referred to by Chinese teaching as the “point of a million gold pieces” (more on this in the book). This knowledge was very precious at the time. In our culture, the sexual development of a young man is still often taboo. During the first sexual experiences with one’s own body, most boys, conditioned by a bad conscience, masturbate “on the sly.” The fear of being caught is too great. Since the technique they learn leads to “success” (orgasm), there is little reason to experiment further or to change one’s technique later. But the MO-technique can be learned by anyone who’s prepared to set… Read more…

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