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There is a new war taking place. It’s a war against salespeople and its being waged in every country by a new breed of prospect.

The truth is prospects are becoming savvy to run-of the-mill sales techniques, increasingly stubborn and experts themselves in the art of saying ‘No!’ There is stiffer competition for your products and services than ever before and prospects, globally, are starting to feel that they are in the driving seat with all the choice there is-choice that is from your competitors incidentally!

Let’s get real for a moment. If you don’t bring your sales techniques into the 21st century and start applying new strategies that are proven to close any tough prospect you’re going to become increasingly depressed, remain average and at worst be forced to leave a richly rewarding career altogether, because you will be losing out to your competitors, who aren’t afraid to learn new techniques. In a nutshell, Sales Techniques that worked for Dad or Granddad will not work today and that could be the very reason you’re hearing ‘No!’ more than you should be-The good news is, it’s not your fault-it’s the outdated, caveman strategies-change those and you will automatically increase your results!

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