Maximum Muscle Minimum Time — AweAestheticsClick Image To Visit SiteLet me paint a little picture for you. Imagine for a second that you were baking a cake. Let’s say you need 8 ingredients to bake that cake, and I gave all these 8 ingredients to you.

Now you have WHAT you need to bake that cake.. The key here though is that I didn’t give you any instructions on HOW to bake the cake.

Now you don’t know in what order to put all the ingredients in, and you don’t know how much of each ingredient to use.

So even though you’ve got all you need to bake the cake, you could end up baking a cake that would taste very weird or very awful, because you did not have the right instructions.

On my team I guide you the right way and explain why I do as I do, and I sort out all the bad advice being given everywhere every day.

And in between all this bad advice, you also hear many people’s objections as to why they think they can’t build muscle (and none of these objections are true).

I have heard many different objections up until now. That’s why I have come up with a list of things many people believe to be true, but in reality you just need the right guidance.

What people need is to be guided through all the bullshit that is being told and sold out there on the internet, and instead be shown the RIGHT path to building the body of their dreams.

So what exactly will I tell you right now, so you can stop believing these objections and start building muscle? . . . “You are NOT supposed to be skinny; if you follow the right guidelines you WILL build crazy amounts… Read more…