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Here’s a way to get extra inventory slots in Black Desert Online, without buying them inside the cash shop. Follow this quest list and earn bag slots for your character. There are actually several quests which will award you with an

I bet you didn’t know that there is a Secret Cow Level Hidden Entrance, inside the Whimsyshire (aka Cow Level). Yup, it’s kind of like an Easter Egg inside an Easter Egg. Since everyone knows about the Cow Level, I am not

Did you know you can make your own Free Zygor Guides? It’s a hidden feature which most people don’t actually know about – nor take the time to do. You can click here, to learn how to do it (this

I think of all the bull$hit out there for MyVegas, the MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam is probably the best. They claim, that you will get to use various cheat codes within the game, and all you need to do is perform

It’s your turn to get a Free Car Rental for 6 months. Talk about aiming to please! There is a single requirement, but you’re in luck, since they are prolific. You need to own a Honda CRV. If you don’t have

If you’re playing the game, then you need this Blade and Soul Leveling Guide. No matter which type of character you like to play, there is fundamental need to level your first character as quickly as possible. Call it instincts, call it… Read more…

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