Mode Of LivingClick Image To Visit SiteThings don’t just happen. Your life is a result to your envisioned reality and state of existence. The Secrets of Vitality, Youthfulness, and a Long Life have been unveiled! The scientific theory behind New Age claims – the aura, the soul, manifesting and the Law of Attraction is right here.

Highly controversial, this pioneering book will unlock pandora’s box and smash the conventional understanding of reality.

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As masters of our lives we have the choice of how we create the world. Those yet to establish their freewill are subject to the programming of the architects of control. They function to avoid pain, and easily react to social triggers. Lacking self-governing they usually act to please others. The destruction of Earth for profits is evidence society lives in fear. A love-based lifestyle favors growth and abundance. For this reason favorable lifestyle choices must be found outside of what is being taught by society’s curriculum.

Learn the Teachings of Secret Societies, Mystery Schools, Highest order of the Vatican, and other religious institutions without blood ties, or expensive initiation.

Mode of Living – the love-based lifestyle is a mix of ancient and contemporary knowledge. It not only bridges religion and science but provides a step by step guid to living a content life that limits disease, which is a consequence of not living in love.

The theory behind the soul, and other New Age claims has arrived. Breakthrough connections have been made between chakra, the aura, and science.

Your current moment and all that you will experience is predestined by how… Read more…