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We Show You How to Identify the Pests That are Bugging Your Fruit Trees and How to Stop Them…Using Organic Methods!

If you’re wanting to grow your own fruit and protect it from insect pests, then you’ve come to the right place. We show you exactly how to identify all the common pests that might be on your fruit trees, and how to use simple strategies (that don’t take too much work!) to stop them damaging your fruit.

Finally, a method of controlling insect pests on fruit trees that is guaranteed to make your garden healthier and more productive. After reading What’s Bugging My Fruit you will know how to:

How to Identify The Common Pests of Fruit Trees – High definition, glossy photos and detailed descriptions of each pest make identification easy.

The Eight Key Steps to Organic Pest Control – Learn the tricks organic farmers use to get their farms in balance like nature intended, to make pest control much easier.

The Life Cycles of Pests – Learn how to control pests by understanding their life cycle so you can strike when theyr’e at their most vulnerable.

How to Monitor Your Trees to Stop Problems Before They Start – Find out what to look out for on your tree’s leaves, bark and fruit to catch insect pests before they get established.

How to Prevent Pests Doing Damage – Find out the simple tricks and strategies organic farmers use to prevent pests getting into your trees and doing damage in the first place.

What Are the Best Organic Treatments to Buy – Just because an organic treatment is available doesn’t mean you should use it. Learn about common sprays and when to use them. Read more…