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My Awesome Landing PageClick Image To Visit SiteDo you suffer from "last sweet syndrome?"  When you "give in" to a sweet treat, do you eat it like it was the last one on earth? 

Read on to discover how to kill your sugar cravings, break-free from your addiction, and learn the natural ways to re-set your body and regain control over your cravings.

Sugar was my “kryptonite” … I could eat clean, stick to a healthy diet and count my calories, but when it came to sugar… I was ADDICTED! I would abstain from sweet treats for weeks, maybe even months, but as soon as I got the smallest taste of something sweet, I couldn’t control myself.  

It didn’t matter what it was – candy, chocolate, baked goods, alcohol – once I’d had that first taste, there was no stopping me, and I went into full-on junkie mode.  

I dreaded this cycle would go on forever. Until I stumbled upon something in plain sight. But first…

The job was stressful, chaotic, and at times, overwhelming, but Courtney taught me a lot. First off, you have to put yourself first.  And for me, that meant owning up to my patterns of emotional eating, stuffing my "not-good-enough" feelings, taking a stand for my own desires and pursuing my true passion – of helping other women to live a healthy, happy, invigorated lifestyle. 

But most importantly, she had some bad habits that reflected mine. And I needed a wake up call.  Because, the truth is, at the time, I was not the example of health. I smoked, didn’t cook much or eat a healthy diet and rarely exercised. In fact, I was over-indulging in about every vice you could think of. Balance was not a word in my vocabulary. 

But even though I still had… Read more…

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