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the BEST herbal book on the web you are ever likely to find, I know as I was once like you – searching for answers – searching for alternatives. It gives you detailed step-by-step instructions and search features to pin the exact illness and cure preparation you can try on your condition. It lists the most common remedies used over the centuries. Even if it does not list every single illness its bound to have something in it for you, something new you didnt know or try.

This book was developed from my own personal notes when I become very sick with my "TUMMY", and the doctors had no solutions, so I looked else where!

From years of research offline and online, by talking to other users of the natural products they used to make their lifes more bearable, and even real herbalists on what they sold for certain cures and every day treatments.

The Information and Facts, were so fascinating I just had to develop this book and make it available online as I just knew theres lots in it that sick people could try where traditional medications have let them down.

I was amazed that a CANCER ALTERNATIVE HERBAL TEA TREATMENT suggested to me by a friend could work on my sickness, that I could not shift. I had nothing to loose but to get well!!

And guess what it WORKED!, within weeks I was not vomiting , every day I got stronger and by the 6th… Read more…

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