No More Bad Cats!Click Image To Visit SiteYou walk through your door into the living room and step in a wet smelly puddle on your carpet plus your cat has just bolted through the door on their way outside. One of the drapes from the window is laying on the floor in shreds and there are new claws marks on that new sofa.

Going past the dining table you find your once gorgeous flower arrangement tipped over and partially eaten. There is garbage all over the kitchen floor and the trash can is on the floor. To make matters worse, you go to use the bathroom and you find it decorated with toilet paper!

Now, imagine coming home from work and opening your front door. Your cat greets you with a meow and doesn’t bolt through the door but stays by your side.

The house is quiet and everything is how you left it except for the cat litter box that now needs cleaning!

I had adopted a adult male cat from a former patient of mine that could no longer take care of him. Max had grown up doing whatever he wanted because his former owner was to ill to train and take care of him.

I knew if I wanted to keep Max I had to find a way to get him to behave. I researched cat psychology and training online and bought dozen of books and eBooks to help me. I scoured cat information websites and forums for information. None of the resources had everything I needed, so I kept detailed notes about everything I read that I thought I could use.

After two short weeks of using the information that I had learned, Max started responding to my training. I had a cat that not only was using the litter box exclusively, staying… Read more…

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