Online violin lessons for beginners through Suzuki Book IClick Image To Visit SiteAre affordable. You get high-quality instruction from an experienced teacher for a fraction of the cost of in-person lessons.

Save you travel time. Remember, an in-person lesson isn’t just 30 minutes. It’s 30 minutes plus travel time, and that’s time that could be used for practicing or other things in your busy life.

Let you set the schedule. With Red Desert Violin, you can take a lesson when and where you want, fitting your violin around the other priorities in your life. You can even repeat lessons when you need a review.

Help you make real progress, fast! You don’t have to spin your wheels like I did for years, struggling on your own with inefffective practice time. My online lessons include a Practice Coach to help you practice smart so that every practice minute counts.

Include tons of free resources and teacher interaction. Unlike some video courses, I won’t just turn you loose and wish you good luck. I will personally answer all of your questions, and you’ll find tons of helpful resources in the members area.

I have had a couple of real life, in-person violin teachers in the past whom I’ve paid a considerable amount of money to. However, I’ve already (week one), learnt an awful lot of things which neither of them taught me (and which I’m pretty annoyed about!). I can only imagine how I’ll have been transformed in 7 months time… the neighbours should thank Lora anyway. … Lora has been very prompt answering my numerous beginner questions and the videos have been very informative (as has the ability to watch them over and over again without seeming dumb as you would with a real life tutor). Tim W.

I love your approach that is geared towards… Read more…

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