Here is an extract from an interview with Chris Stroud explaining the benefits of the Paleo Cookbook Recipes

Hey Chris, thank you for participating in a guest post for my blog!
Firstly, what made
you decide to start following the paleo diet?

I’m not completely Paleo yet. Currently about 80 to 90 percent of everything I put in my mouth
is Paleo. I first started making paleo food choices to help with my athletic performance. I use
The Zone diet to portion out my food and I have found that there is a correlate between eating
whole food and athletic performance. The more whole food I eat in my zone portions the
better my performance is. My non paleo vices are cheese sticks because they are so
convenient, whey protein, and wine.

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What are some of the main benefits you’ve noticed since following the paleo diet?

Athleticism is the biggest one for me but I have also noticed an increase sense of well being.

Do you have any favorite paleo friendly recipes?

One of my favorite recipes is called Curried vegetables and chicken.

What are some of the main problems you are faced with when educating clients on
following a paleo diet?

I am careful not use the word diet. Although the word is perfectly descriptive it has such a
strong negative connotation that I tend not to say the ‘D word’ and instead use terms like
healthy eating or nutrition intake. I also tend to tell people that as long as they are eating
paleo, they can eat as much as they want.

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Do you have any tips for people who want to start following the paleo lifestyle?

· Clear out the kitchen with foods don’t fit into the Paleo and donate it to a food bank.
· When shopping to restock the kitchen be sure to only get foods that existed 10,000
years ago. Usually these foods are around the perimeter of the store and the name
doesn’t start with a capital letter because brands can’t trademark natural foods (i.e.
Oreo’s & Go-Gurt – chicken & almonds).
· Make yourself accountable. Let family, friends, and co-workers know your starting to
eat healthier and just leave it at that.
· Get some good Tupperware and a lunch pale and bring food with you go to work,
school, or just out of the house. This will cut down on bad food choices and is also
· Find a local farmer and ask them about their subscription options. This is a great way
to get local, fresh, organic food and at the same time help support local communities.
You can check out Local Harvest to find farms located in your area.

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The Paleo Cookbooks provide you with a range of dishes for
every occasion – from light no-fuss meals through to dinner
parties, family celebrations and summer salads.

Using foods provided by Mother Nature that provide the
framework and principles for healthy living, these exciting and
flavorsome recipes using foods which are basic to our biology
and our digestive system will help you experience wonderful
results in your health and help to achieve positive results such as:

– Increased Energy
– Increased Sex Drive
– Clearer, Smoother
– Weight Loss Results
– Better Performance and
Recovery from Exercise
– Stronger Immune System

These paleo recipes are easy to follow and use wonderfully fresh
ingredients, with the emphasis on flavor and visual appeal.

Paleo Cookbook provides a wealth of ideas and recipes for a
collection of mouth watering meals.

Simple and Easy to Create Recipes with clear step by step
instructions you will be able to produce paleo friendly meals that
get rave reviews from friends and family every- time!

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