Pet Sitter Career – How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

Pet Sitter Career - How to Start a Pet Sitting BusinessClick Image To Visit SiteAre you looking for an inflation and recession-proof business that you can start for less than the cost of a cheap dinner out?

I can show you how to turn your love of animals into a full or part-time business that’s so easy to run you’ll almost be ashamed to get paid for it!

AND YES, there are plenty of people who are willing to pay you good money to help care for their beloved pets!

A recent survey shows that there are over 71 million households in the United States alone that own one or more pets. You only need a tiny handful of them as customers to make an excellent income.

In order to remain healthy, pets need to be fed and walked regularly. And when owners don’t have the time to do it themselves, they turn to professional pet sitters and dog walkers to get the job done.

"Pet-sitting services allow animals to stay in their own familiar environment and receive food, exercise and attention with minimal upset to their normal routines. This is important because dogs are creatures of habit, just like we are.”

Sure, there are some people who have friends or family members available to take care of their pets when business trips or vacation come up…

Dont believe that in THIS bad economy people will spend money on their pets and use pet sitters? THINK AGAIN! The OPPOSITE is true! People are CLINGING to their four-legged friends more than ever and spending money on them like they would their own children.

So… do YOU want to own a thriving home-based business with little or no overhead and more than 71 million prospects, many of whom can’t afford not to do business with you?

"The long-term shift from… Read more…

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