Pickup Guitar ClubClick Image To Visit Site"Two local high school students are showing that you don’t necessarily need a teacher to show you how to play a guitar these days."

"Channeling the video-game excitement into an online method of teaching people to play real guitars."

"Sometimes, you want to just dive right in there and play the music you’re familiar with. Get ready to do that with Pickup Guitar Club."

We created a curriculum where every lesson is a new song, and a song you want to play! You learn all the necessary skills like scales and chord shapes inside songs by Taylor Swift, Blink-182, The Rolling Stones, and many more.

Pickup Guitar Club is about picking up that guitar that’s been lying around and learning to play. That means we work with any guitar! Acoustic or electric, we’ve got you covered. Acoustics work with your built in mic, and electrics work with a very simple $5 cable. It’s about getting started now, no more investment needed.

Our software can teach you, but a real human instructor is still there to clarify things if needed. Stuck? Watch Wes or Tiffany teach all the skills needed for a song.

The fun side to learning. Leading edge note-recognition and an all-star setlist ensure you play every note of your favorite songs.

Our unique note-recognition lights up every note you hit. The song will pick up as you play better, and guide you if you have trouble. Nothing ignites drive more than knowing you’re succeeding.

Forget boring lessons. We challenge you to learn by playing the intro to songs or the solo to a famous jam. You’re still going to learn the lessons, but it’s way more fun this way.

Remind yourself how far you’ve come. We show you… Read more…